Kumamoto-ben – A particular dialect in Kumamoto Prefecture

There are many dialects in Japan, for example ‘Kansai-ben’ which is spoken in the ‘Kansai’ Region, ‘Osaka-ben’ which is spoken in the ‘Osaka’ Prefecture , ‘Hakata-ben’ which is spoken in the ‘Hakata’ City and so on.

One of them is Kumamoto-ben(Kumamoto dialect).

In Kumamoto Prefecture, people often speak in a particular dialect of Japanese which is called Kumamoto-ben.

Kumamoto-ben(熊本弁) is similar to dialects in the ‘Kyushu’ Region like Hakata-ben.

This time I think I want to describe the basic words of Kumamoto-ben, the dialect of my hometown.

The followings are some of the basic words and meanings.

Basic Words List

Kumamoto-ben English Standard Japanese
batten ばってん but / however しかし
ata あーた、あた you あなた、あんた
aita あいたー Oops!, On no! しまった!
atozeki あとぜき to close the door when you leave ドアの後閉め
maugotsu まうごつ very / truly すごく / 本当に
taigya たいぎゃ very とても、非常に
akushautsu あくしゃうつ be sick of … うんざりする
ittyon いっちょん not at all 全然、少しも
gyan ぎゃん like this, in this way このように
dogyan どぎゃん how どのように
sekarashika せからしか noisy うるさい
shikaburu しかぶる wet one’s pants 尿を漏らす
kosuka こすか sneaky, cunning ずるい
bai ばい yo, dayo (it emphasizes a declarative phrase) よ、だよ(文末の強調)
tai たい yo, dayo (it’s very similar to bai
but bai emphasizes a phrase more strongly)
ken けん yo, dayo / because よ、だよ / 〜だから(文末の強調 / 理由)

In conclusion

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